Ice Fishing – Red Arrow Park

Saturday, February 1st Milwaukee Seed Sowers initiated a couple of new fishers during the Pizza, Intercession and Evangelism (PIE) Outreach at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee.

Boy (or girl)! Was the ice teeming with fish.

Notice the young man in the front of the picture holding up his million dollar bill?

We were able to hand out 100s of gospel tracts and had multiple conversations with all different groups of people.

A couple of conversations that stand out for me were:

A young couple who met at Iowa State. The young man had a christian upbringing but as I led them through the law, I could tell they were coming under conviction because, although they were getting married this coming summer, they were living together and fornicating. I asked them if they thought that God would honor that and reminded them of God’s kindness towards them by Jesus’ death on the cross.

One of the students in the course, “N” wasn’t sure who or how to approach people confidently, so I led her over to 3 young Latino boys, giving them the million dollar bill in Spanish. “N” was able to speak with them about judgement under the law of God and that their good works would earn them no merit before the Judge of the universe. They had admitted to lying, theft, dishonoring their parents and elders. We shared the cross with them and how they needed to put on Christ as they would a parachute in order to be prepared for eternity. Flapping their arms wouldn’t allow them to float gently to the ground. Because they were kind and I appreciated that they talked with us, I took them into Starbucks to get a hot chocolate.

Finally, I was able to speak with Kathy, a woman, if I were to guess her age, I would say in her mid-40s. Kathy had 20+ years in a Lutheran church and school. When she and her soon be husband shared with her church two months before the wedding that she was pregnant, rather than counseling them back to God through repentance and trust in Christ, they kicked them out of the church and refused to marry them. Kathy and her husband have never been back to church. Her family is seeking though as her children are seeking and asking questions.

Kathy had questions. She thought there was a higher power but wasn’t sure that it was as it was explained in the Bible. What’s the difference between the Lutherans, Catholics and Baptists? Why all the different Bible versions? Why do some perform infant baptism and some baptize adults only? What is the difference of the communion doctrines?

I was able to share with Kathy that what her church did to them, was not Christ nor does it have anything to do with Jesus Christ, His Word or His true Church. I took Kathy through the law and the gospel because she did understand her standing before a just and Holy God. When I was leaving Kathy, she gave Randy and myself a hug and thanked us for explaining the cross with her in a way that had never been explained clearly before. Before we parted ways, I was able to give Kathy some good solid Biblical church options for her and her family to attend. Pray that they do.

Some final thoughts on fishing. Do it humbly and in a God honoring way. Be better at listening to the person that you are sharing with than you are at speaking to them. Keep your focus on lost humanity walking and milling about and always pray, “Lord, who would you have me to share with?” Remember the lost are not trophies nor are they heads to be placed on a stick. While you’re fishing, please don’t boast about your encounters. Save those conversations for later when you’ve left the pond and you can encourage one another.

Till the nets are full!


About rooftopproclaimer

We are local born-again Christians of Milwaukee Wisconsin, using our ambassadorship by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also help equip the body of Christ to witness by teaching biblical evangelism based on Scripture.
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