Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  • We represent a team of individuals from various backgrounds and churches which are dedicated to going out to witness one2one at different events such as Summerfest and other festivals. Parades on St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July are always a good venues to hand out tracts and talk to people sharing the gospel.
  • Our vision is to partner with other believers to replicate ourselves to reach more people with the truth of the law and the gospel.
  • We go to college campuses and speak with students. We were involved in handing out over a 1000 copies of the Origins of the Species 150th anniversary copy with a special introduction by Ray Comfort refuting evolution in November of 2009 at UWM, MSOE and Marquette University. Recently we handed out 1000 copies of the 180 Movie at UWM. We also have our favorite fishing holes such as the Milwaukee Lakefront, going door to door or just speaking to individuals while riding the bus or waiting in line at the grocery store.
  • Our team is currently teaching the WOTM (“The Way of the Master”) is non-denominational. Basic Training and Intermediate classes and have been since the spring of 2009. We’ve hold classes in homes and have go to other churches as well. We are excited to share and equip as many of the saints as possible. We are currently offering classes beginning in March of 2012. The cost of the classes and materials are free of charge.
  • Milwaukee Seed Sowers is non-denominational.

3 Responses to About

  1. jeff schenning... says:

    I just found you all… Praise be to GOD for all you folks are doing ! Are there any folks down here in Kenosha area ? I have been outreaching WOTM style for about 10 years and also have some free extra tracts maybe to use down by Lake Michigan in Kenosha or where ever ? My name is Jeff phone # …Once again thanks for all you are doing North of me..I PRAY right not for a hedge of protection around you all …

    • rooftopproclaimerBob says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Good to hear about you!
      Glad to hear the gospel is going forth in Kenosha!
      We’d love to meet you and witness together.
      I’ll give you a call this week.


  2. jimmie johnson says:

    Hello to all GOD’S children I know you by your fruit
    love joy peace longsuffering kindness faithfulness
    gentleness and self-control I’m jimmie johnson please
    keep me in your prayer that I to might be one too,
    that do always the things that please GOD please! thank you

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