What A Thursday!

I met a lady today at work.  It was not a lady I set out to meet.  It was providence.  Her life was in danger and she asked me for help.  I could have said no for it could have meant my life too, but because of the love of Christ I said yes.  The door was opened and she was let in.  She was let in to safety.  For her that was only temporary life.  She would live now only to one day die.  But if I helped her one more time she would have the opportunity to live forever, so I did.

After we cleaned her up from the wounds her boyfriend had afflicted on her and she now sat at my desk at work while we waited for the police to arrive, I asked her about her ordeal and of course it eventually lead to this question.  Do you have a Christian background?  She responded,  “yes, I go to a Baptist Church”.

I then asked her, do you know for sure if you would have died just now outside our office building while your boyfriend was beating you, you would have gone to heaven?   She smiled this great big smile and said, “yes, I know about all of that as I was raised in church and my mom went to a Pentecostal church”.  I asked her why she had such a big smile on her face when I asked her about death and heaven.  She said, “oh no, I wouldn’t be happy about dying because I have children but I know I would go to heaven”.

I then asked her if I had a knife stuck in my back and I had only a few minutes to live what would you say to me to help me to know that I would be guaranteed to go to heaven when I died.  She looked at me with this blank look as if she was confused.  At one point in the conversation I asked her if she could recall the day in her life, what happened to cause her to become a Christian?  She like many of us could not pin point it which I believe does not always necessarily mean that you are not a Born Again Christian.

Because of my concern for her soul, I asked her these questions and I did not want to miss the opportunity to make sure that she knew that if she were to die any day that she was born again and that she did have a relationship with Jesus Christ and would be on her way to heaven.  Through the course of our conversation she did say that she asked Jesus Christ to forgive her for her sins.  With further explanation I helped her to understand that we were all sinners and the consequences of our sins was death and hell.  That there was a penalty that had to be paid but in my place and hers, Jesus Christ paid that penalty.

God gave me opportunity to offer life to a lady twice that day.  Once from maybe physical death here on earth and secondly from the death in hell throughout eternity.  What a Thursday.

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We are local born-again Christians of Milwaukee Wisconsin, using our ambassadorship by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also help equip the body of Christ to witness by teaching biblical evangelism based on Scripture.
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2 Responses to What A Thursday!

  1. Alisha says:

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    here at this website, thanks admin of this web page.

  2. Adrienne Kuehl says:

    Alisha…..your delight in finding this article is encouraging and I am wondering if you would like
    to share how it happened that you were exploring and then found this evangelism site ? Have you found joy in talking to people about Jesus? Would you like to have a phone call from the writer of this ‘What a Thursday’ article ? Contact us here at Milwaukee Seed Sowers…..we would be pleased to meet you !

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