Titus 3:8 Maintain Good Works

The Following is being shared with the body as an encouragement and republished with the permission of Emeal EZ Zwayne of Living Waters:

Before Ray Comfort became my father-in-law, I knew him as a famous author, speaker, and Christian leader. I had great respect and admiration for him. However, it’s typical for us as people to build up famous individuals and put them on a pedestal. But after we get to know them, our respect for them usually diminishes because we realize that they fall far short of what we thought they actually were. Ray Comfort has been my father-in-law for 21 years now, and it’s been the exact opposite with him. I can honestly say that my respect for him has only grown leaps and bounds over the years. He’s the real deal, and the most consistent, genuine, and godly man I’ve ever known. He truly is so much more than I ever thought he was.

I just snuck this shot of him right now at the airport in Reno as he was sharing the gospel with a random stranger. This is a typical day (or hour) in the life of Ray Comfort. His unbridled love for God and people is both convicting and inspiring.

May the Lord help us all to follow his shining example!


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We are local born-again Christians of Milwaukee Wisconsin, using our ambassadorship by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also help equip the body of Christ to witness by teaching biblical evangelism based on Scripture.
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