Comments from Past Students


Before taking the Biblical Evangelism course:


I questioned the existence of hell and was apathetic about sharing about Jesus Christ. Kathy B.


I lacked the language to talk and listen to people concerning the need for the Law of God , holiness of God and the place of Jesus death to forgive my sin and any other persons sin. Kathy B.


I was unsure how to witness effectively to someone. ShaRon W.


I felt unprepared to witness to a non-believer. Jason T.


I struggled to find a way to preach the gospel effectively. I had not been able to find the right words to counter their opposition and spent too much time listening to them berate me about my beliefs. Cynthia H.


was apprehensive about talking to people about Christ.  I didn’t know how to get started. Doug H.


felt insecure of my knowledge in presenting the gospel to others. Maira C.


understood the basic concepts of evangelism but still struggled with wanting to know all of the proper questions and answers so that I would feel more in control in sharing. Tom C.


I felt so imperfect and guilty because I did not measure up to WWJD. Therefore I did not have peace. But I desperately wanted those I love, my family and close friends to accept Jesus in order to rely on Him for their peace and know that the reward for life’s journey is eternal life with Jesus. Sharon J.


I didn’t understand how to witness to others. I thought you shared how much better life would be if they had Christ in their lives. Nancy S.


I wondered why people didn’t care if God loved them. Adrienne K.


I was afraid of telling the Truth. Adrienne K.


I had no idea what to say. Adrienne K.


I was hoping to find a way to witness. Adrienne K.


I thought witnessing was something only ‘certain’ people could do


My experience of Joy was a #5 Adrienne K.


I thought I had to convince people of the truth of the gospel. Liz C.


I felt unable, unprepared & tremendous paralyzing fear at the very thought of evangelism. Nancy S.


I wondered,” How do you talk to others about the Lord Jesus Christ?”. “When and where do I start?”  Martha K.


I was terrified to share the Good News of salvation. Nancy F.


I thought that evangelism was only for specially gifted people. i.e. people with extraordinary boldness and speaking skills, etc., etc. Nancy F.


I did not speak to neighbors or non-Christian acquaintances about Jesus. I was too afraid of what they would think of me. Nancy F.


I did not really have a sense of compassion for the hopeless spiritual condition of most people around me. Nancy F.


I had this nagging feeling that sharing my faith was some God wanted me to do but i couldn’t see how to do it. Nancy S.


I really did not know how to talk to my loved ones about their need for salvation. Nancy S.


I feared the unknown and the potential for rejection as a result of approaching people to witness. Nancy S.


I would not exercise faith in god’s ability to use me to witness. Nancy S.


I use to listen to unshackled and cry “oh, i wish i could share my faith that clearly and effectively” Nancy S.


I was really intimidated about talking to homosexuals about sin & salvation. Nancy S.


After taking the Biblical Evangelism course:


I saw that hell is a real place. Kathy B.


I can’t imagine not sharing. Kathy B.


I can and see it as a privilege to do so. Kathy B.


I have gained greater confidence and have actually done evangelism work. The WDJD method utilized in the course sets forth an easy to remember and understandable approach to share the gospel by using the Ten Commandments. The course offers training by DVD, mock evangelism encounters and progressive weekly exercises. I especially value the team evangelism opportunities outside of the course — The Bread of Healing Clinic provides a safe and comfortable fishing venue for me to get my feet wet. I hope to enroll in the intermediate course. ShaRon W.


I feel better prepared and more knowledgeable on how to witness to a non-believer. Jason T.


I can now effectively preach the gospel. I meet and talk to strangers on the bus about God’s judgment and gift of eternal life. I even can come forward to my family and friends or those who struggle in specific predicaments (like homosexuality or Satanism). Cynthia H.


I am more confident about how to start talking to people and work into more about Christ. Doug H.


I understood and experienced how the Holy Spirit guides you, removes the fears you have, brings to memory what you had learned and what to say to that person. Maira C.


I was much more comfortable with the answers that I was giving and I have had many opportunities to share the gospel in a loving but direct way. I still experience some fear that I might not get it right, but I am submitting this to the Lord and experiencing His joy in sharing His great love. I am helping to teach a class on evangelism to a large group this month and praying that the Lord multiplies what I have been learning through the teaching. Tom C.


I hunger to know Jesus even more in order to practice the fruits of the spirit, ( Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control) Galatians 5:22. As I meet people no matter what their station in life, I can look at them with love as God’s creations fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139) I want to meet them in the New Heaven where every tribe and race will be praising God. But how will they know? My job is to witness to them. All I have to do is ask God for His grace. Abba, please fill me with your words and your strength. Sharon J.


I know how to more accurately witness to others using the Ten Commandments and appealing to the conscience. Nancy S.


I knew why they didn’t care. Adrienne K.


I am willing and glad to tell the Truth. Adrienne K.


I was equipped to listen and engage people in conversations about their Salvation. Adrienne K.


I was filled with Compassion and Gratitude to do so. Adrienne K.


I knew everyone can be a Fisher of Men. Adrienne K.


My experience of Joy is an easy #9.9. Adrienne K.


I get out of the way of the Holy Spirit. Liz C.


I am now able to joyfully & boldly live out God’s great commission, to share our faith, hallelujah! Nancy S.


I “know how to start that conversation about our Savior, Jesus Christ!” Martha K.


I Jesus has given me confidence that He can use even me to share His offer of salvation with just about anyone. Nancy F.


I realized, that with the proper tools available to me, that God can use an ordinary Christian to spread the Good News of Jesus too. The most amazing thing is this: that people really do respond; they do not turn away from being approached sincerely. They really do respond to the questions “directed to their conscience” that were taught to us in class. Nancy F.


God made it clear to me that to be afraid of what other people think was a form of pride. What does it really matter what they think of me anyway? The important thing is that they know that they need to put their trust in Jesus in order to have hope, redemption, and eternal life. Nancy F.


God impressed upon my heart that He has compassion on the lost and hopeless spiritual condition of the people with whom I rub shoulders daily. He advised me to go and do likewise and people really sense that. We are not trying to get them to join a cause or to get them for our “group”. The class teaching put a sense into me that we are “out there” to represent His compassion, nothing else. Nancy F.


I witness and have a desire to continue witnessing and that nagging feeling is gone. Nancy S.


I am now confident in my training and god’s help, that i am able to talk to my family now. Nancy S.


After: I no longer fear the unknown nor the potential for rejection. Nancy S.


I now have complete confidence that god wants to & continues to use me in sharing my faith. Nancy S.


I now listen to unshackled and eagerly add to what i have already learned with no regrets. Nancy S.


I learned how to witness to homosexual and i am no longer intimidated. Nancy S.

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