2018 Outreaches

Plenty of 2018 Outreach Opportunities

For most events it’s best to please call Jim at 414.218.9849

Spring and Summer is just around the corner and we’re headed out, preaching the gospel. There is still time for you to join us for some joyous fishing. Till the nets are full. Jim

Let’s go Fly a Kite or Go to the Beach

We’ll be starting down at the Milwaukee Lakefront on Thursday evenings beginning June 14th @ 5 PM, June through September, talking with and listening to folks about what they believe will happen when they die. We meet @ 5:45 PM at the Kite Store near the McKinley Lagoon or in the parking lots near Bradford Beach. Please come and join us. Call Jim 414.218.9849 for times and place.

4th of July Parades

Call Jim 414.218.9849 for times and places, but please come join us as we’ll hand out tracts. It’s the quickest way to get the gospel into the hands of the people.



Menominee Falls

Spring is here, we’re about to head into summer and I can’t think of a better way to start off the summer season than to preach the gospel so here are a couple of opportunities on Memorial Day. Joyous fishing. Till the nets are full. Jim

Milwaukee Air and Water Show, Saturday, July 21st, 11 AM

Are you Maverick or Goose?

I mean who doesn’t love an airshow? There will be thousands of people enjoying this event as they always do down at Milwaukee’s lakefront.

We’ll meet in front of the War Memorial @ 11 AM and embark on a mission with eternal consequences. Please join us and be a mission leader or a wing man.

Please call Jim at 414.218.9849 for more information

Picture of a crowd3-22-2013 7-42-21 AM

What’s Your Event? Do you have an event in your area that you would like to pass out tracts and talk to people? Call Jim at 414.218.9849 to arrange for the Milwaukee Seed Sowers to come to that event. 155,000 people die every day. What are you waiting for? A loved one to die a law breaker without the covering of Christ?

Town of Erin St. Patrick’s Day Parade (Completed)

Police will start closing off County Trunk K at 10:00 AM March 17th. The parade route is 2.25 miles long. Since the parade is on Saturday this year the crowds should be huge!

We’ll meet at corner of Pleasant Hill Rd and Hwy K in Erin (Hartford) at 9am. This is approx. midpoint of the parade route. Parade setup is at (Hwy E) and Hwy K, which is north of our meeting place. Parade starts at 11am, but they shut down Hwy K at 10am to vehicles. Parade proceeds south on K and ends at Holy Hill Rd. (167). Come for the fellowship, preach the Gospel and afterwards, share our experiences and pray.


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