St. Patrick’s Day Outreach Testimonies 03/17/2012

Hi Jim, Roger, Kurt and myself went out to Erin as you know and stayed until about two thirty. The venue was huge! I had no idea there would be more than 3,000 people there. The weather was great and of course there was fellowship among us. This in itself made for an awesome experience.

The strategy we employed most of the time was simply handing out tracts with a simple, ‘Did you get one of these?’ Kurt and I had one in depth conversation with two college students. Kurt did most of the speaking as I prayed. We handed out several hundred pieces of literature about Jesus. Kurt had another conversation with a Lutheran couple and Roger had a conversation with some people too. For being the first time out, I thought it was a success; getting our feet wet and beginning the year with such wonderful weather ‘n all.

In addition, Roger, Josh, from Carolina, and Kurt and I went downtown yesterday from 10AM ’til 1 PM. We stayed between 2nd and 6th streets on Wisconsin Avenue. There was a women’s conference and volley ball competition at the FAC so there were plenty of people to talk with even at that early hour of 10AM on a Saturday. I had four in depth conversations within a 3 hour span-each of them involved discussing Christ and the benefits of knowing Him as Lord and Savior. Of the four conversations, one was with a Hindu who did hear about Jesus Christ being Creator and God.

Unfortunately, the bus came before I could get any further. I was employing the skills I’m learning from Way of the Master class and am excited about upcoming outreaches. Many blessings to you from the manifold grace of our God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

–          Keith P

Rick and I went South on Hwy K on the right side and handed out tracts. As I gave them out they mostly smiled, laughed and looked at it immediately. They then stopped what they were doing and asked what it was. I answered, “It’s actually a gospel tract – will you go to heaven when you die?”

Then they replied and I followed up from there. I was usually able to ask a couple of questions and get some comments, followed by the briefest gospel. I was able to talk more with people than previous parades.

There were several (even with beer in hand) who thanked me at the end; looks had changed from smiling revelry to somber seriousness. There were several people who poured out events in their life/hearts to me, looking for consolation and comfort.

I met a few Christians along the way and after a brief exchange two ladies looked at the drink in their hands openly questioning whether they should be doing that. 

I ran into a guy from work and his group took tracts. I had a meeting with him at work last week. He chatted briefly about the parade but didn’t mention anything about the tract. I didn’t have the boldness to ask him about it at work.

It was wonderful to see that people are open and friendly when talking about spiritual matters; it certainly gave me more boldness as I thought of my lost opportunities in the past, and spurs me on to witnessing in my uncomfortable situations to come (Like yesterday – MJ and I were up in Sheboygan at a Farm B&B. One of the farmers gave us a farm tour and we talked with our host, Lois. I’m a little hesitant in those situations where we have a relationship with them – as simple and as short as they were – it’s usually hard for me. But God gave me faith and I gave both of them millions and two wonderful conversations ensued. So praise the Lord!)

All in all it was a glorious opportunity to sow the seeds of the gospel. In under two hours 699 tracts went out that would’ve taken us normally weeks! Parades and public events are wonderful sowing grounds! Looking forward to seeing all the fruit the Lord will harvest!

Thanks Andrea and Dave for your efforts in organizing! You’re both a great testimony and encouragement to me. We look forward to more outreaches! And pray for more laborers!

–          Bob K

I was blessed by open hearts (Praise the Lord). Had many good conversations; all were respectful. God used it in ways that surprised me. People were very thankful and complimentary, even while I was challenging them with biblical truth. About 6-8 conversations ended up with emotional sharing and confiding of personal struggles. I was able (by God’s grace) to just love them by listening. Look forward to more outings this summer!

– David N

What a joy to attend the parade on the country road in Erin. Many hundreds of people came out so they thought to celebrate the ‘green’ and for many hundreds by the Grace of God it became an opportunity to hear of who Saint Pat was and to be asked the question Do you know why he traveled throughout Ireland and what it was that he spoke about with earnest joy?

In general the parade-goers .did not have any idea and it became the most Super Natural arena for Lifting Jesus Christ in declaring His Gospel. 

The quiz tract on St. Patrick’s was a most easy introduction to initiate a conversation about Salvation through Jesus Alone and that Pat knew he had been saved by the Grace of God., not by his works or trying hard in his flesh to please God to get into heaven.

Sowing the Seeds of God’s Word and Will was such a glorious blessing and more glorious yet is the Harvest that is promised in Gods perfect time. If Jesus tarries and there is another Green parade next year .please join us. We bless each other as Brothers and Sisters in Christ as we go forth in Jesus Name.

–          Ade K

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