2001 Experienced the New Birth in Christ Jesus. Read about the Testimony.

2005 After seeing on the evening news the story of a four year old murdered as an innocent bystander I was given a burden for the city of Milwaukee to share the gospel.

2006 Began watching The Way of the Master with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron on WVCY TV in Milwaukee and came under conviction that sharing the law was essential when witnessing. Read Way of the Master by Ray Comfort and numerous other books about witnessing.

2008 Graduated from Living Waters School of Biblical Evangelism and certified by the Dean of the school, Mark Spence.

2009 Began teaching The Way of the Master Basic and Intermediate Training and organizing evangelistic outreaches. Involved in the Origin of the Species outreach sponsored by Living Waters.

2011 Attended the Ambassadors Academy a ministry of Way of the Master which teaches how to open air preach. Involved in the 180 Movie outreach sponsored by Living Waters.

2012 Helped launch the Milwaukee Seed Sowers ministry.

2 Responses to Jim

  1. John says:

    Jim, I am interested in learning about your ministry. Please contact me when you have a chance. John

  2. Jack and Jane Surina says:

    Hi Jim
    Are there any outreaches coming up?
    My husband Jack and I have had. Booth at the 7 Mile Fair near Racine.
    We handed out hundreds of tracts lots of movies and have had numerous conversations. We would like to have a booth there at least once a month, more if we have help.
    Looking forward to connecting with you
    Jack and Jane

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