Way of the Master Basic Training

Where will your friends, classmates, relatives, coworkers and complete strangers go if they die without Christ? In the 8 Lesson Biblical Evangelism Basic Training Course, you’ll be taught a powerful, effective way to make the gospel make sense to those you care about. You won’t be at a loss for words. You don’t need to be an expert in apologetics. Learn to bypass the intellect and then speak directly to the conscience—the way Jesus did.

My contact information is Jim Brunner at 414.218.9849 or email: brunner0402@sbcglobal.net. Do it for someone you love.

Thank you for your interest in Biblical Evangelism. Schedule To Be Determined. Spread the word and bring your friends.

Links have been provided to the www.wayofthemaster.com and the Living Waters www.livingwaters.com website. I would recommend that you sign up for their weekly newsletter. It’s very encouraging.

Below is general information on how the course is run:

Thank you for showing interest in reaching the lost for Christ.

  1. We begin each week by prayer and a short discussion of the prior weeks assignment and/or any other questions that come up.
  2. We have a brief lesson as a lead in to the days video.
  3. Watch a video that’s 30-40 minutes in length.
  4. Have a discussion regarding what we’ve viewed.
  5. Role play if appropriate.
  6. End with a brief teaching and prayer.

We will sincerely try to get us out in the time allocated but we sincerely ask that you arrive on time to the class.

The course topics are:
Lesson 1 Cultivating compassion for the Lost
Lesson 2 Discovering Hell’s Best Kept Secret
Lesson 3 Learning to Overcome Fear
Lesson 4 Practicing What You Preach
Lesson 5 Crating the Message
Lesson 6 Answering the Top Ten Questions
Lesson 7 Exposing the Myth of the Modern Message
Lesson 8 Spreading Your Wings

Also if you know of other strong believers who have a heart for sharing, please talk with them and let them know about this opportunity so please reach out to them and invite them to the course.

I recommend you listen to Hell’s Best Kept Secret and True and False Conversions. Both can be listened to at the Living Waters website (http://www.livingwaters.com/ found on the right side of the page).

Also you can watch the episodes to that correspond to some of the lessons at http://www.wayofthemaster.com/watchepisodes.shtml

Week 1: The Firefighter/Developing Compassion for the Lost.
Week 2: Hell’s Best Kept Secret
Week 5: What Did Jesus Do? Crafting the Message
Week 7: Exposing the Myth of the Modern Message/God’s Wonderful Plan

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