The Biggest Question Outreach – UWM – Tuesday, October 23rd, 11 AM – 1:30 PM

Sent to Trisha Ramos, Coordinator of the Biggest Question Outreach:

Below is a brief report of the Milwaukee Seed Sowers Biggest Question outreach at UWM on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012:

Overall, despite the damp weather which prevented us from doing Open Air afterword’s, we were able to distribute all 1200 DVD’s in about 90 minutes. Most people gladly took the DVD with the instruction to watch and let us know what they thought. Some asked what it was about and we responded “What’s the biggest question they have ever considered?” With the recent shootings that we’ve had here in the Milwaukee area, what did they think the question would be?

All of those people that participated were excited and had very positive feedback afterword’s.

Jim B

Muehdi – Muehdi was a friendly young Muslim man who was in this country from Saudi Arabia studying business but was unhappy with that because it was what his country was dictating he was going to study based on the needs of his country.

I offered him The Biggest Question DVD and he was curious what it was about which gave me an open door to talking about what he thought was the biggest question that he’s ever had to consider. We eventually got around to talking about what happens when a person dies. He said that it was up to Allah to make that determination. I was able to take him through the law and asked him if the judge would dismiss his case based on his apology. He agreed not. I was able to share with him about the fine payer, Jesus and what he did for Muehdi at the Cross.

I asked him to watch the DVD and gave him my contact information so that we could get together for coffee and talk. He agreed to watch – Jim B.

Paul – Paul turned out to be one of the more unusual encounters that I’ve ever had. I saw him waiting outside on the buildings smoking a cigarette. I approached him and asked him how he was doing today and if he was between classes? He said fine and no that he was visiting. I asked him where he was visiting from and he said that he was on an out-patient visit from Rogers Memorial Hospital where he was being treated for OCD. I told him that I was familiar with the place because my brother in law was just there a few months ago being treated for OCD as well. I asked him if he was living in the residences at the bottom of the hill separate from the hospital and he was.

I asked him what he was being treated for and he said the fear of being approached by strangers! I told him that I was helping him then to get over his fears. We had a great conversation about what he thought the biggest question was and what happens to a person after they die. Paul said that he was spiritual and believed that we continued on through reincarnation. We talked about what he would come back as and he thought as a more evolved being.

We discussed his background and he said that he had been to church but stopped going. We talked about what was on the DVD and he said that maybe it was good timing that I came along because he was meeting with his spiritual advisor at the hospital today and maybe they could watch the DVD together. I wished Paul well and told him that I would be praying for him. – Jim B.

Ade K

I’m speaking for two fishermen blessed with the glorious opportunity to distribute the Biggest Question DVD on our University Campus in Milwaukee Wi.

Our experience  was  exceptional and  fruitful.  God’s Living Word was shared and heard and we know without question now in many lives, working to effect personal salvation through Jesus Christ.

This outreach was bathed in prayer and God’s response felt through respectful, willing and often gratefulness for our gift. This fisherman personally perceives this Biggest Question presentation to be the gem of the heavens. Offering to those sitting in the dismal darkness of sin and a true bell of freedom, rung to release those stuck in religious chains.

The location where we distributed the DVD’s was held without assault of harassment and diversion and the joyful work of real bell ringing was our grateful pleasure.

Thank you at Wretched Radio for cutting through the darkness for the sake of Jesus Christ. – Ade K

Bob K

Keith and I each had 100 DVDs that we handed out. We stood at different spots across from each other at a Northeast walkway intersection. People were mostly surprised and appreciative at getting a free movie!

Conversations were few, but then they were not solicited.

I’m thinking most were genuinely curious that they would at least watch it. From there, we trust the Holy Spirit to give them ears to hear they might be saved.  I would also guess that it had a multiplier effect when those who knew them asked about it. Hopefully, the DVDs have a 2-3-4 or more “people lifespan” as they get circulated.

In any event, we look to the Lord for the great harvest He will bring!

It was a personal joy for me to once again see the gospel go out. – Bob K

Randy B

While handing out DVDs at UW Milwaukee I got to talk with someone who already received a Biggest Question from someone else. He asked what it was about and then asked who I thought God was. I said that Jesus is God and the creator. He seemed confused and explained that he was a Muslim. The atheist sitting next to him at the enclosed bus shelter was being distracting so the Muslim asked if we could step outside to talk. (I had previously tried handing a Biggest Question to the atheist but he said he already watched it, although when I pressed him he couldn’t recall what it was about.) We talked for several minutes before the bus arrived but he said he would definitely watch the DVD. – Randy B

Amy K

I had invited my friend Lois to join me and the Milwaukee Seed Sowers to distribute The Biggest Question DVDs at UWM.  We met at my house, got into one car, and went to the Union and met the Milwaukee Seed Sowers inside the Union. We each took a pack of 100 DVDs and set out.

I found that once I was able to make eye contact, the students responded very politely.  Almost every single person used the word “thank you”.  Even those who refused the DVD said “No, thank you”.  A few students did engage in a bit more conversation.  The most common question was “What’s it about?”.

The experience was easy and fun. We will continue to pray that the students with the DVDs watch it seriously and allow God to touch their hearts.  We thank God for this opportunity. – Amy K

Jeff F

I was able to share the Gospel with a number of people this week via the DVD after the UW-Milwaukee distribution.  Thanks for the extra copies; they are being used for His glory! – Jeff F


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