UWM Audacity Outreach Thursday, October 22nd, 2015


There certainly was a sea teeming with fish on a beautiful Son-shine filled day. The Milwaukee Seed Sowers handed out 800 of the Audacity DVD’s.

AudacityUWMSondra3 AudacityUWMSondra5

Watch Audacity free at www.AudacityMovie.com



Sondra was busy handing out DVD’s and engaging the students in conversation. As I was handing out DVD’s and people would ask what was it about I would tell them it was about Human sexuality and most of them would remark “0h yes” very enthusiastically. Other conversations were “who do u think gets to go to heaven?” Most people reply “Good People”. Then I’d talk about the Ten Commandments.











Randy wearing his 180 hat joyously handed out DVD’s. Watch 180 for free at www.180movie.com








Jim had a conversation with this young couple who while they believed there was a God felt they couldn’t relate to God. Jim reminded them that is why Jesus came as a man to earth so that people could relate to God in His personhood.







AudacityUWM20151022_105443_Bob6 AudacityUWM20151022_105411_Bob3 AudacityUWM20151022_Bob2

Bob is handing out DVD’s to passersby. We were asked numerous times, “What’s the film about?” We gladly replied that it was a loving movie about human and homosexuality.

Generally, about half took the DVD and said thanks! Appreciatively! I talked with a man who thought gays were born that way. He came by later with his lunch in hand and heckled us each time we handed out the DVD saying, “hate video! Don’t take it.” We chatted with him and he had no answer for his intellectual stance so we prayed for the heckler.

Bob is having a conversation with two men who stopped to talk with him about the film. Generally, about half took the DVD and said thanks! Appreciatively!






Bob met Todd who works for Intervarsity on campus and chatted for about 15 minutes. He appreciated the way we witnessed and thanked us. I also met three saints who were encouraged that we were there. We saw a Christian group that had banners explaining spiritual truths and engaging passersby in conversation.




Sondra speaking with a group of students.


About rooftopproclaimer

We are local born-again Christians of Milwaukee Wisconsin, using our ambassadorship by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also help equip the body of Christ to witness by teaching biblical evangelism based on Scripture.
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