A Memory of Vic Eliason

I never watched a Christian TV station before I trusted in Christ. (Who has time when there is so much other important stuff to watch on TV.) One day in 2003 I was at a house where they were watching WVCY-TV. The presenter was doing something I had never seen before. He was using science to show that the Bible is accurate, all the way back to Genesis. I thought “There are actually people that believe the entire Bible is LITERALLY true?!”. I had to see more of this.

By the providence of God I had recently received a Tivo, and I started recording everything on WVCY about science and evolution. It was by watching these programs that I realized the God of the Bible truly existed, He created the world, and therefore He has the right to judge the world. This caused me to realize that I had never truly understood the gospel.

While watching WVCY that year I also saw a scene I recognized from an internet video clip making fun of those crazy Christians that believed in creation. It was Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron talking about how the banana is an “atheist nightmare”. The atheists were using the clip to show how Christians were lacking of intelligence, but when you view the entire clip in context, it was actually mocking evolution by arguing like an evolutionist. Instead of having a valid argument, the evolutionists had revealed their own ignorance by cutting the clip out of context and claiming that it is what Christians believe. This brief clip was my introduction to The Way of the Master style of evangelism which is the easiest (and most biblical) way to share the gospel.

Relate to the person by starting in the natural.

Create an opportunity to swing to the spiritual.

Convict the hard hearted of their sin by using the law.

Reveal the gospel to those who are humble in heart.

WVCY-TV came on the air in 1983 thanks to the ministry of Vic Eliason. This weekend Vic was called to the Lord. I personally want to thank all those involved in the operation of the VCY network over the years. We cannot measure the impact it has had in this world, but I know for a fact that it has changed my life.

Thank you Vic, and we will see you later.

  • Randy

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We are local born-again Christians of Milwaukee Wisconsin, using our ambassadorship by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also help equip the body of Christ to witness by teaching biblical evangelism based on Scripture.
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